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Teacher Training Lineage

MBSR was founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center (UMass) in 1979.  Since its development, there has been an organic and steady evolution of teacher training.  This begun with internships, then weekend intensives and eventually, a fully defined teacher training pathway. This pathway, created at UMass Center for Mindfulness (CFM), has been further refined by the Mindfulness Center at Brown University (MC@B).  This then led to the formation of the Global Mindfulness Collaborative, which our Centre For Mindfulness Canada (CFMC) and MC@B are members of.   

As described by Brown University: 

“The Global Mindfulness Collaborative is comprised of many of the world’s leading and well-established MBSR educational and training institutions. Coming together to realize a shared vision and dedicated to human flourishing, these organizations demonstrate a trustworthy level of commitment to the underpinnings of MBSR, professional training to become an MBSR teacher, and research. 

The integrity and fidelity of this collaborative are fully expressed in each member. Through continued collaboration and the sharing of curricula, pedagogy and research methodology, the fields of MBSR and mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) are strengthened. The Global Mindfulness Collaborative exemplifies the standards for MBSR and expands the fields of MBSR and other Mindfulness-Based Programs through responsible knowledge translation of research and experiential training in areas that serve health and well-being.”

Listen to Jon Kabat-Zinn as he speaks about the eight-week MBSR curriculum, mindfulness, and the Global Mindfulness Collaborative (GMC).

Teacher Training Recognition

The different trainings may be offered by some or all of our Global Mindfulness Collaborate team at different times and locations (including online) in North America and worldwide.  Successful completion of all elements of the Teacher Training Pathway leads to Certification as an MBSR teacher by the Global Mindfulness Collaborative, of which the Centre For Mindfulness Canada (CFMC) and the Mindfulness Center at Brown University (MC@B) are members.  With verification from the respective GMC member, all students of GMC members recommended by their trainers will be listed on the GMC and Mindfulness Center at Brown’s websites showing successful completion of training.


Evidence Based Training And Curricula

Global Mindfulness Collaborative (GMC) was developed with participation from an international group of MBSR teacher trainers and colleagues, all of whom were committed to offering evidence-based MBSR teacher training in alignment with high quality standards. To promote consistency in those standards and to foster scalability across the United States, Canada and the world, GMC members agreed to use the teacher training curricula as developed by the Mindfulness Center at Brown University (MC@B), while allowing for recursive feedback from members to ensure quality while meeting specific cultural and language needs.

Our Centre, as with all GMC members, view MBSR as a means of transforming the human heart and mind. As individuals and as a collective, we aspire to embody the wholeness, wisdom, and recognition of inherent sovereignty that MBSR offers as a practice and way of being.
We adhere to the global ethics, embodied practice, and current standards for teachers and teacher trainers as articulated in the International Mindfulness Integrity Networks.

GMC members remain committed to serving our global communities through offering an evidence-based MBSR curriculum, MBSR Teacher Training curricula provided by the MC@B, and adhering to Standards of Practice and Good Practice Guidelines. All GMC members are in alignment with the global ethics, embodied practice, and current standards for teachers and teacher trainers as articulated in the International Mindfulness Integrity Network. 

All GMC members adhere to: 

  • Maintaining a commitment to the same level of rigor, standards, and integrity in practice and teaching; 
  • Offering the eight-week MBSR program using the latest curricula, updated by Florence Meleo-Meyer and Lynn Koerbel at the MC@B and in collaboration with, and approved by the MBSR founder Jon Kabat-Zinn; 
  • Offering MBSR Professional Teacher Training using the latest curricula developed by the MC@B; 
  • Listing all students of GMC members, with verification from the respective GMC members and recommended by their trainer, on the Mindfulness Center at Brown’s and GMC website showing successful completion of training. 

From the beginning the Mindfulness Center at Brown positioned itself as a peer among the GMCs while developing and sharing curricula to align our work and support the field. This remains true going forward.



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