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What is Mindfulness?

As human beings, we often find it challenging to stay in the present moment. Our minds tend to either think about the past or future. Thoughts that enter our stream of thinking can be worrying, dwelling on negatives, planning, reflecting on memories, regrets, imaginary arguments and so on.

In the process, we end up missing out on being in the here and now – where life happens! Mindfulness means staying in the present moment with kind awareness of what is happening in our mind, emotions, and body. In doing so, we have opportunities to be in a healthier relationship with the pain and joy in our lives. This also helps us make better choices in dealing with the challenges that come up instead of being in the “auto pilot” pattern of reactivity -which often leads us to feeling out of control and hopeless.


What is MSBR?

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program is a highly respected program within the medical community for dealing with stress, pain, illness, and the demands of daily life. It was developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School – Division of Preventative and Behavioral Medicine. MBSR is not an alternative to traditional or psychological treatments but is a complement to those approaches.

Anderson Cooper’s mindfulness experience

Who will benefit?

The MBSR program has benefited people with a variety of conditions and concerns:

Stress – Stress in modern life has permeated our lives. Stress can be related to work, school, family, relationships, financial matters, illness, aging, grief, uncertainty about the future, and changes in life.

Medical conditions – Research has demonstrated that people with various medical conditions, such as GI distress, high blood pressure, chronic pain and illness, cancer, heart disease, asthma, and many others, benefit from MBSR.

Psychological distress – MBSR has been shown to be effective in dealing with anxiety, panic, depression, fatigue, grief, and sleep disturbance to mention a few.

Prevention and wellness – this includes health enhancement and learning “how” to take care of yourself and gain a greater sense of balance.


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