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Psychology Month

February marks Psychology Month in British Columbia and the BC Psychological Association (BCPA) is raising awareness of the role psychology plays in lives, jobs and communities with free public presentations. The Centre For Mindfulness Canada is hosting three talks in partnership with the BCPA in North Vancouver. Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat has been taking part in Psychology Month since 2016.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada estimates the economic burden of mental illness to the Canadian economy is more than $50 billion per year. The Public Health Agency of Canada says one in five Canadians will face a psychological disorder in their lifetime and mental illness accounts for 30 percent of short and long term disability claims.

BCPA hopes the presentation series will raise awareness that effective psychological treatments exist for the vast majority of mental illnesses and where the public can access treatment. For a listing of the full series of talks offered by the BCPA, please call 1-800-730-0522 or visit BCPA also operates a province-wide free psychologist referral service.

MBSR is a highly respected program developed in the University of Massachusetts Medical School. This program has been shown to create shifts around stress, illness, physical and psychological pain, and the demands of everyday life. In this talk you will learn about MBSR and supporting research. You will discover why mindfulness may be useful to cultivate. You will also get the opportunity to experience mindfulness with some guided practices. The session will end with a Q & A.


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