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Three Training Levels

The MBSR Teacher Training Path consists of three levels. Each of the three levels has a number of steps. Learn more about Teacher Training Path.

Level 1: Diving In

Level 1 has two components: A) 10-Week MBSR Essentials, and B) MBSR Intensive Practice and Teaching (IPT)

A. MBSR Essentials  

MBSR Essentials is the first step in Level 1 of the MBSR Teacher Training Pathway.  It meets equivalency for Foundations training offered through Brown University’s School Of Professional Studies, and recognized by all members of the Global Mindfulness Collaborative, including the Mindfulness Centre at Brown University (MC@B). 

The 10-Week Online MBSR Essentials offers a highly experiential exploration of the MBSR curriculum, cultivating evidence-based teaching competencies and understanding from the inside out. Whether you intend to teach MBSR or integrate mindfulness into your professional field in other ways, Essentials is a special opportunity to deepen practice. As we discover greater degrees of freedom in our own lives, we are able to bring the essential transformative elements of mindfulness to others in the service of minimizing harm and maximizing human flourishing.

Upon successful completion of MBSR Essentials you are be able to:

Please note, after completion of MBSR Essentials you are not qualified to teach to the 8-week MBSR curriculum.  This happens only after completing all aspects of Level 1, which includes MBSR Intensive Practice and Teaching (IPT) – see below. 

Pre-requisites for MBSR Essentials: 

  • Complete the 8-Week MBSR Course with a Qualified or Certified MBSR Teacher – live online or in-person. This is the first stage before any teacher training (i.e., completing the 8-Week MBSR as a stand-alone program)
  • Attend at least one qualifying 5-7 day Insight or Mindfulness silent retreat.  
  • A minimum of two years of personal meditation practice.* 

*Each application will be evaluated on its individual merits.

B. MBSR Intensive Practice and Teaching (IPT)

MBSR Intensive Practice and Teaching (IPT) is the second formal training on the pathway to teach, providing a deeper dive into the MBSR curriculum’s form and essence and greater clarity to its intention, content and flow. True to its name, this training is an intensive immersion in MBSR that strengthens teaching skills and personal practice. 

As a trainee, you will expand your experiential and cognitive understanding of MBSR through practice teaching, receiving feedback from peers and trainers, study and self-reflection, mindfulness practice, and the support of the learning community. The IPT aims explicitly to develop teaching skills as well as the embodied presence and qualities of heart that support freedom from suffering for ourselves and those we serve. 

Upon successful completion of the IPT: 

  • Trainees begin to teach the eight-week MBSR program as “Qualified, Level 1” teachers. 

Get listed on the Global Mindfulness Collaborative (GMC) as “Qualified, Level 1” teacher.

Pre-requisites for IPT: 

  • Successful completion of MBSR Essentials or its equivalents, such as 10-Week MBSR Foundations at Brown University. 
  • Presenting 3 workshops or short intro classes. These can use elements from the 8-week MBSR curriculum.
  • Attend another qualifying 5-7 day silent Insight or Mindfulness retreat.

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