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Feeling down towards the end of your weekend? Or, feeling some dread and anxiety about what’s to come in the week? The term often used to describe this is “Sunday Scaries” or “Sunday Blues”. Is this a real thing? This video describes what it is, why it happens, and ways to manage it.

Wanting to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, manage pain or some cravings?  The 4-7-8 breathing strategy is a specific one that can support support the relaxation response and manage our stress reactions, which impact many areas of life.  The nervous systems is also briefly explained in the video.    

When experiencing stress, overwhelm or anxiety our mind gets all revved up!  Here is a helpful tool called “Take Five”!  This involves mindfulness of sensations and gentle breathing. It is simple, effective and only takes a few moments.  

Many things in the day may stress us and leaves us in knots! This can then negatively impact our mind, body, and emotions. In this video, the effective box or square breathing exercise is covered, which has been show to have many benefits! Some important contraindications are addressed as well.

Worrying is such a human experience.  However, it can really impact us negatively.  Worrying can show up at any time, like at night or while doing something else in the day.  This video provides an effective strategy to manage unhelpful worrying. 

There are many reasons to start journaling. In this video, the physical and psychological benefits are addressed as well as how to journal. With that, some key journaling pitfalls to avoid are highlighted.

I have been on personal and professional mission to support positive change, well-being and mindful living.  This mission has been mostly living inside the confines of individual counselling as well as  meditation and wellness programs that I teach.  However, I have been deeply inspired to share my mission and reach more people on a larger platform, supporting one person at a time. I want to extend a personal invitation to you to join this mission for creating positive change which I share in this video.

There is plenty of information out there about mindfulness and meditation, especially as it has become popular over the years.  The problem is the surprisingly large array of misconceptions and misunderstanding about it.  These misconceptions lead many people to either quit mindfulness or not even give it a chance!  In this Video, I address nine of the most common misconceptions, and give a clear image of what mindfulness actually is!  

Many struggle with finding the right time to meditate.  This may be discouraging and can steer people away from developing a mindfulness meditation practice, and reaping the benefits.  This brings us to the question of “when is best time to meditate?”.  Learn about the key time slots to consider and the insights around each.

We live in a hectic, fast paced life, with many demands and stressors.  It is so easy for all of us to get caught in going from one thing to another.  What are we losing out on in the process?  In this video I share a recent story that highlighted a few insights with some key lessons around the wisdom of slowing down.  It is a fun one with some food for thought! 

Ever since the latest news of the tragic events in the US and around the world, I have been contemplating the subject of grief and loss, and models we have in psychology that can help us understand it.  In this video, I share some frameworks about grief and loss with a new visual demo!  

Three Principles From A Mindfulness Perspective

The weather can impact all of us. However, we can find ourself complaining about it with others in our small talk! In this clip, three Mindfulness principles are covered to rethink how we talk about the weather, regardless if it is a heat wave of winter storm.

Three Options Supporting Posture

Sitting meditation on the floor can look glamorous, but it comes with the added pains and aches.  In this video, I share three positions that can make sitting on the floor more doable, with some fun stories! 

 Six Tips For Supporting Your Posture

Sitting on the floor to meditate or engage in a contemplation practice can be challenging.   In this Video, learn six tips on How To Meditate On A Chair.  May it support your daily journey! 

There are many ways for practicing mindfulness meditation. In this clip, both formal and informal meditation practices are explained with examples. ​

Doing chores can be stressful, this is on top of the daily stressors we have to deal with. In this clip, learn how mindfulness can turn chores into stress relieving activities. ​

During the 94th Academy Awards Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, and the incident went viral worldwide.  In this video, I share some opinions while putting my hat on as a Psychologist and Mindfulness Teacher, plus….my own personal reactions!  

I am thrilled to announce that we have a new website!  Here is the link to The existing site will remain at​.  Watch this Vlog about this short announcement 🙂 

As painful events unfold in the world, like wars or natural disasters, we might be pulled to watch more news coverage.  Staying informed is important but is there an impact of watching negative news on mental health?  Watch this Vlog as I share my thoughts on the subject.   

Setbacks are a big part of life, but somehow we forget they are while we are in them. In this Vlog I share a recent challenge that I experienced and perspectives that can help in working with setbacks, including mindfulness and mindset. 

There is often a great deal of conversations about goal settings at the start of a new year.  Sometimes the goal setting process ends up missing some key ingredients!  Watch this Vlog and find out why!​

The start of the pandemic back in early 2020 forced many businesses to adapt and move their services online. The field of psychology was no exception. Moving the services offered at our Centre For Mindfulness Canada to online platforms was a new adventure and big learning curve. I had questions then whether the effectiveness and impact of online will be similar to that in-person, especially for group programs such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). The verdict is in after about two years of delivering services online! Watch this clip where I share my reflections.

​Questions and curiosities are a big part of learning and growth. I have had, and continue to have, questions about various things. In the above Vlog, I offer the start of “Ask Dr. Kasim: Q & A”. If you have questions that you would like me to answer on a future video, then please fill this form. A number of questions will be selected and answered.

This silent “Signal For Help” was introduced in 2020 by the Canadian Women’s Foundation. It became viral in early November of 2021, after a 16-year old girl was kidnapped in the US and was rescued as result of using it. I wanted to contribute to the important conversation that this is bringing up.

​The pandemic became a reality for us way back in 2020! With it came the need to wear masks. Now, as masks are no longer mandatory in many places (just recommended), we are left with an in-between phase that can feel awkward. In this Vlog, I share some of my bubbling thoughts around it!

​Watch this interview with a world leading Mindfulness teacher and teacher trainer Florence Meleo-Meyer from the Mindfulness Centre at Brown University. In this interview we explore a range of topics including:

  • Mindfulness, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and their popularity.
  • The draw to mindfulness and MBSR.
  • Cultivating both “formal” and “informal” meditation practices.
  • Healing aspects of mindfulness compared to Fixing.
  • Considerations in the pursuit of a MBSR Teacher Training Path.
​We live in a culture that pursues perfectionism. Is perfectionism helpful? Can it help us attain our goals? If so, at what cost? In this vlog, I share some of the research and my thoughts about perfectionism and how it is different from excellence and “healthy striving”. ​
​How do we welcome a new year!? There is much energy that we may feel at the start of a “new” year, a sense of a “fresh start”. We somehow wait for a whole year to end to press “reset”! In this video, I share some perspectives around a “new” year. By the way, in this video, I bring out my whiteboard for a masterpiece illustration 😉
​One of the most difficult life experiences that we have to face is loss. In this video, I share my reflections on a loss that I experienced, and doing so through the lens of mindfulness.
​​There are many things that can keep us up at night. This can be stressors, worries, and also what feels like the constant and never ending “one more thing” that we have to deal with! I have been thinking about how often we tell ourselves, “this is yet another thing that I have to deal with now.” This can leads to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and dwelling in negative thoughts. Watch this month’s short video as I share more about this subject. ​
​​Staying present and mindful through stressful times and challenges. This can happen when we face challenges, such as COVID-19 pandemic. In the process, we may wish that we could fast forward to a future time when things will be better. This video discusses the tendency to want things to be over with and how that impacts us negatively!

​Like many things, self-discipline can have a different meaning for different people. How we view self-discipline can either leave us wanting to apply it or not to achieve our goals. The video explores ways to rethinking self-discipline. ​

​​We are in a period of time that is going to have a substantial impact on our future as history is written! Not only is humanity dealing with the aftermath from the COVID-19 challenges, we are also grappling with the social and racial injustices on our planet! It sounds like such a simple ask, but maybe it is really a time for each of us to invest in taking steps that can create positive change. I have been sitting with the notion of how challenges can be opportunities in disguise. We have our own personal and perhaps professional challenges to deal with on top of what is happening in the world. I decided to work with a challenge that I have had with technology, and take this time as an opportunity to create my a video post!

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